About Udder Covers™

Udder Covers™

Our Mission

To help moms that want to cover to be comfortable and stylish while breastfeeding. Our Udder Covers help you to breastfeed your baby and still socialize with family and friends confidently. Designed to be classic yet bold, our covers give you the perfect amount of coverage while allowing you to bond with your baby. It’s simple—we want you to feel good about breastfeeding whenever, wherever!

Udder Covers™

Our Founder

Jenny Pierce
with her son Jones

It all began in 2005, when Jenny became frustrated with breastfeeding and came up with her first mommy/baby accessory to make moms’ lives easier—the Milk Band. Since then, Jenny has been committed to continue making moms’ lives easier by providing them with great looking products that solve common mommy problems through her business, Mothers Lounge. She has a passion for design and has had a hand in designing all of the Mothers Lounge products.

Udder Covers joined the Mothers Lounge brands in 2009 and has been a welcome addition ever since. Jenny loves the convenience and peace of mind the Udder Cover adds to a mom’s life. She knows that being a mom is a 24/7 job and wants moms to go about their day without being worried about when or where they will breastfeed.

-Jenny Pierce